Can cabinet hardware be used for lifetime warranty?

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Can cabinet hardware be used for lifetime warranty?
Category: Company NewsDate: 2018-12-07 17:05:14Pageviews: 576

As an important part of the whole cabinet, hardware accessories play a key role in the connection performance. However, in the domestic cabinet market, the importance of hardware accessories is often ignored by consumers. And because the hardware consumption is relatively large, most cabinet companies have not promised the lifetime quality assurance of hardware accessories, even if the terms of service include "lifetime maintenance, the difference between maintenance and warranty is still far worse.

After-sales of cabinet hardware becomes a blind spot

Taking the process of cabinet purchase as an example, almost all cabinet sales personnel did not explain the hardware when selling cabinets. If not asked, then the hardware problem became a blind spot for this consumption, no one asked. Even some brands do not mark the hardware after-sales warranty issue on the contract, so once the small part has a problem, the consumer will be unclear.

Although the hardware is small, it is related to the life of the cabinet products to a certain extent. Cabinet makers may be experts in the selection and use of wood. They can tell at a glance which piece of wood is suitable for the door panel and which piece of wood is suitable for the partition, but they are not necessarily good at producing quality hardware.

Hardware as a connection point, its flexibility and service life are largely related to the overall product usage. If the hardware is broken early, the opening and closing of the cabinet door is not smooth, and the faucet switch is very laborious... then even if the product quality is too good, it is just a defective product. In this case, consumers are required to raise the awareness of detail, pay attention to the whole while not forgetting to pay attention to the quality of the hardware and the after-sales warranty. And cabinet merchants can also spend a lot of thoughts on this aspect, after all, the details can be more valuable.

Hardware lifetime warranty is a test for the company

It is understood that some mainstream brands are currently committed to hardware within three years warranty. Within three years, the hardware has a problem with free warranty and overdue fees. There are also individual brands, due to the use of high quality imported hardware, commitment to hardware lifetime warranty, as long as the problem is free of charge. In this regard, the industry said that the commitment to lifelong warranty is the confidence of their products, but also reflects the product quality is good. But a commitment to a lifetime warranty is a test for the business, so brands often take a cautious approach.

The mainstream brand hardware warranty is usually three years, but this is only general. For example, the hardware used on the inner door and the cabinet door, even the same quality hardware of the same brand, has different warranty periods in different places. In this regard, the relevant person explained: "The frequency of use of the inner door is much higher than that of the cabinet, so the loss of hardware is also more serious, so the warranty date of the hardware used for the inner door is shorter than that of the cabinet."

For the hardware warranty, some brands offer a three-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance commitment. The so-called "lifetime maintenance does not mean that you can do it for life". Now there are more and more brands promised to consumers" lifetime warranty, but this does not mean that the warranty service of the cabinet merchant is free. In this regard, the industry said that the warranty is divided into two types: free and charge. Consumers often hear that the one-year warranty period means that the warranty is free for one year, and for more than one year.

It is precisely because of this that some cabinet brands use their lifetime free warranty as a selling point to build their own brand image, then cabinet companies must truly be worthy of the name, otherwise it is a kind of damage to the consumer experience. In the long run, I am afraid that the corporate image will Unsustainable.