[Reprinted - China Business News] Manufacturing Story

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[Reprinted - China Business News] Manufacturing Story
Category: Industry NewsDate: 2018-12-07 17:08:29Pageviews: 740

Change the thinking of "what order to do"

“After the transformation, I found that one of the key points is to stabilize my own quality. I will develop some new styles every year to drive the guests. It will be fine every year. The important thing is that he can take my products out smoothly. If you earn money, then he won’t leave,” said Li Changjing, general manager of Foshan Nanhai Svia Glass Co., Ltd.

Interpretation: Since 2007, Li Changjing has decided to find a right to speak for his own factory. He believes that it is not possible to blindly manufacture and care about what the end consumer needs. To do this, we must first get rid of the traditional processing mode of processing. What the manufacturer needs to change is the idea of “what order to do”. If a company launches a new product that is different from the market, then the price and profit will be High, this will get rid of the doom of passively waiting for the profit.

Doing the details is not going to increase the cost.

“To be a brand in China, don’t just focus on the price, but do the quality first, the brand makes it, because the Chinese people are now concerned about product quality and after-sales service. When the time is ripe, your brand value is better than Others are taller, even if they are 1,000 yuan more expensive than others," said He Mengjun, chairman of Jinhua Yikai Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Interpretation: Today, He Mengjun no longer pays attention to the problems of “what to do” and “how much to sell”. In He Mengjun's view, the cost of the enterprise is high and the configuration will be correspondingly high. If this is done, the details are done. In a sense, the details will not increase much in terms of cost. It is only a question of management and consciousness. Combining these two is high quality, and products can stand in the European and American markets.

Occupy the target market can not take it for granted

"To open up the international market, it is far from enough to have the world's advanced machines. It is necessary to go deep into the target market and seriously study the needs of the target market, so that it can truly occupy the target market quickly." Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou Qianjiang Compressor Co., Ltd. Pan Shaoju said.

Interpretation: Through the exhibition and online publicity, Pan Shaoju recently received an order from a Russian company. After a series of negotiations, he finally got the intention of cooperation. The buyer asked the product to test first, Pan Shaoju has always been full of confidence, but after the sample was sent out for a week, the buyer replied "Your product moisture index does not meet the requirements."

In order to solve the problem, Pan Shaoju immediately decided to go to Russia with the leaders of the technology and quality control departments. When he arrived at the local area, he discovered that the weather in Russia is cold. The methods and standards for moisture detection are different from the current requirements in China. The water produced is naturally different from that in China, which causes the cognitive differences between the two sides. One did not do two, Pan Shaoju and the technical team made timely adjustments, and finally signed the order.