Machine Tool Show will reveal the key power of space

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Machine Tool Show will reveal the key power of space
Category: Industry NewsDate: 2018-12-07 17:09:23Pageviews: 853

As a breakthrough in international technology blockade and the realization of aviation equipment systemization and information development, China's machine tool industry has made key developments in independent research and development and innovation in recent years. It will be unveiled in Beijing on June 18th. The 2nd China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition (CIMES2014) will present the collision and exchange of top-level aviation technology between China and foreign countries. The audience will learn about the most challenging aerospace research and development topics.

In the "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry", aviation, satellite, rail transit, robotics and other fields have extremely high requirements for machine tools, and these areas are considered to be strategic industries for national economy and national defense construction. Su Bo, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said: "Today, the competition between countries is essentially the competition of high-end equipment manufacturing. This can be said to be the core of the big country game."

From the rocket to the moon, down to the car parts, can not be separated from the machine tool. For this reason, the scale of this year's machine tool exhibition has reached a new high. In the 120,000-square-meter exhibition hall of Beijing New China International Exhibition Center, more than 1,300 manufacturers from 30 countries and regions have brought more than 3,200 various high-tech machine tools. Some high-precision composite CNC machine tools will perform complex and flexible movements on the spot, and their works can be described as awesome.

Taking the "big aircraft" project as an example, its parts are characterized by high temperature resistance, high strength and difficult processing. The production process of large tons of large blocks is complicated, and the requirements for large machine tools and flexible production lines are very high. After the project was established, many enterprises heard the "machine" dance. At the machine tool exhibition, Shenyang Machine Tool, Harbin Group, Wuhan Huazhong CNC, Qinchuan Machine Tool, Guangzhou CNC Equipment and other industries will go into battle and will be exhibited in China. Flying dreams."

The machine tool exhibition is not only a cooperation platform but also an arena. The world's leading brands such as EMAG and Starrag are bringing the latest research and development of sophisticated tools. They will not only demonstrate the processing process on site, but also provide expert solutions according to customer needs. For the first time in Beijing, Maggie, the nearly 10 square meter joint machining center, integrates eight functions of drilling, forming and coding. The processing efficiency is three times that of single-function machines, but the operating cost is only 1/3. It saves both money and manpower.